Dewalt XP Tape Measure Review – Is It Worth Buying?

What We Liked

  • It is designed in a compact manner.
  • The hook system and the magnet are easier to work with.
  • It provides you with a good grip.
  • Ideal for one-handed usage.
  • The edges are protected from critical pressure angles.
  • Ideal to work with a larger working surface area.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It might not get manufactured in the USA.
  • The self-retracting technology could have been improved.
  • The belt clip seems to get loose after repeated attempts.
If you want something that is durable and accurate then you can definitely go for this one. You can carry it around, and the precise performance of this measuring tape will definitely amuse you in the long run!
If you find a reputable online platform where you can easily get it at an affordable price, you can easily grab it without spending the extra few bucks and add it to your tool box. So, give it a try once!

Is the retraction mechanism of Dewalt XP tape measure durable? Read this to learn about its end hook connection, thermoplastic coating, and much more! 

After trying a lot of different types of tape measures I have concluded that the Dewalt XP tape measure has a lot to offer that will make your task a lot easier.

So check out the dewalt xp tape measure review to know if it can help you get accurate measurements while framing or measuring a surface area or not.

Specifications Of Dewalt XP Tape Measure

Tape length25 feet
Drop survival60 feet
Blade coatingYes
Blade materialHigh-carbon steel
Hook connectionYes
Securing systemscrew-free belt clip
Integrated lock systemYes
Item WarrantyLifetime
Ideal ForIndustrial usages

Features – DeWalt XP Tape Measure 

Length, Mechanism, Rust Proof And Stand-Out Performance

DeWalt claims it is a 9″ of heavy-duty thermoplastic coatings at the beginning that provide 3x more blade protection. The plastic coating at the end of the blade ensures that the blade is resistant to unnecessary blade breakage near the hook that results in guaranteed toughness.

It goes without saying that the coating of the measuring tape blade will be protected from paint and rust. You can use it for a long time in the near future.

The high-carbon steel blade provides a 13′ straighter blade which makes sure that the blades are super efficient to work with under all circumstances.

Inbuilt Hook Connection And Screw-Free

This particular tape comes with a tape measure hook connection that is pre-built to ensure its strength and for reducing blade breakage. The hook is long enough to grab the entire material from all four sides so that you can grab objects while taking accurate measurements.

The tape measures that come with a screw might get loose after some time, and it might not work for you any longer. This one is designed with a screw-free technology that is easier to use. Also, the newly thought belt clip system holds the tape tight in the right position.

Impact-Resistant And Slot Option 

DeWalt says that it can get difficult to work with if it is not resistant to different sorts of impacts. But this one by DeWalt can survive a 60-inch drop. It means even if it falls from your hand it can survive the superior vibration rising from the collision.

You will get this new xp tape measure with a built-in lanyard slot that is designed to provide you with an added security option.

The Strength Of The Protective Case

The most interesting part of this state major is that it comes with a PC or ABS protective case. The protective cases are highly impact-resistant. It is also known as a thermoplastic alloy of polycarbonate. 

Also, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene materials are also known forms of amorphous plastics. Both of these allowing materials are known for enhanced fire retardancy and processability that significantly improves the lasting power of the tape measure.

It goes without saying that the case inside which the tape measure gets delivered to you is made with patented technology. The spring system technology is one of the newest inventions of science that make use of two retracting springs to make the entire case an impact-resistant and heavy-duty one.

Better User Experience

Thousands of people have already used this measuring tape, just like me, and we all recommend you use this at least once in your lifetime. This particular tape is manufactured considering the heavy-duty job requirements.

When you are measuring the surface area of a material you need to make sure that the tape is easier to operate with. This particular tape is exactly that which makes your measuring task a lot easier and more accurate.

High Performance, Durability, Security, And Flexibility

This particular tape comes with a durable build even when you hit it from multiple angles and these standout among the rest because of this. The tape has a generous coating that will help you to protect the blades even from a height of 100 feet on a solid soil surface.

It is a no-brainer, but without an adequate attachment system, the mechanism will not hold the measuring blade in the proper position. This tape by DeWalt comes with the right attachment system that is designed to hold the blade from every angle possible.

The measuring tape is 1 3/16-inch enjoyed and can be extended up to 17 feet. The higher flexibility is definitely commendable.

Shield Coating And Double-Sided Print

The contractor blade is long enough. But the entire 6-inch length is covered with a rip shield coating that is proven to protect it from accidental damage.

The measuring blade is stamped with markings on both sides. The clear and distinctive black markings on the transparent background of yellow make it a lot easier for the users to read the numbering from a distance. The clear visibility and readability of the markings make it an ideal choice for professional users to make their measurements easy.

The Magnet

This measuring tape is designed with a powerful magnet that can hold the blade in the right position. The magnet is also removable, and you can easily attach it by slipping the magnet over the inbuilt hook’s 3 rivets and pushing it into the lock to secure its place as it can withstand outward pressure. 

If you feel that you don’t need to use this magnet anymore then you can detach the magnet and store it in your tool bag for future usage.

Affordability And Multiple Options To Explore

If you prioritize quality over price, then it can definitely be a great option for you. The price of this measuring tape ranges from 30 to 40 dollars at different online retail platforms. 

But the twist is that if you look for this on reputed online platforms like Amazon, you might need to spend a few more bucks to get it because, on Amazon, it is priced at around 50 $. But if you want to get the best quality then it is worth trying.

Depending on your need, you can choose one from the wide options available in terms of the length of the measuring tape. The tape can be easily found in three variations, one extends up to 16 feet, 25 feet, and another one can be extended up to 35 feet.

The measuring tape comes in another variation as well, and that is 8 meters or 26 feet long. The professionals can choose the smaller one if they need to work with the smaller working surface and gradually go for the higher length options depending on their work requirements.

FAQs – DeWalt XP Tape Measure 

Are hyper-tough tape measures accurate?

This type of tape provides you with the most precise and accurate measurements. The continuous scale with the markings of foot and inch helps you to get quicker and easier readings and the larger print comes with the fractional read to help you with the maths.

Which measuring tape is the most accurate?

There are multiple options available when it comes to finding accurate tape measures. But it should always go for the class one type that is perfect for precision and industrial projects as they will be great value for money in the future.

What is the best tape measure in 2022?

Considering the quality and durability, you can look for some of the best brands that manufacture tape measures, such as DeWalt, Crescent, Milwaukee, Craftsman, etc.

What is the best carpentry tape measure?

There are some specifications that you should look for when choosing the best admission for your project. Make sure that the tape can measure up to 16 feet. Also, it should come with auto-lock technology and a compact design to promote user convenience.

Final DeWalt XP Tape Measure Review

I enjoyed working with this measuring tape because the spring of the step is super strong, and it stays in one particular place. The retractable tape helped me significantly in measuring lengthier surface area, and I could easily work with one hand as well.

Coming to the feel, I could experience a highly professional touch and why while using this type because of that durable material.

This sliding lock technology helps you to secure the measuring tape in one position. Though sometimes it may create some additional issues, the super grippy rubber that comes with the sliding lock technology will help you to keep your thumb and fingers pressed firmly against the sliding lock for better performance.

I have been using it for the past 1 year, and it is completely rust-proof till now I hope that I will be working with it in the near future as well due to its lightweight frame.