Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure Review – DIY Gear Pro

What We Liked

  • Prevents clogged fuel filters
  • Strong and durable bond
  • Easy-to-use kit, useful instruction manual 
  • Can seal a tank of up to 25 gallons.
  • KBS Coatings has over 85 years of reputation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can sometimes feel like labor-intensive work
  • Need to read and follow instructions properly

Are you confused if Milwaukee magnetic tape measure would fit your kit? We recently tested some new industrial-level best tape measures of 2022 from multiple top-notch brands. 

We compared these 25’ models based on ergonomics, quality, visibility, accuracy, and standout and throw. Here, we will discuss our honest Milwaukee Tape Measure review.

Verdict The Milwaukee magnetic tape measure is a sturdy and durable choice for measuring tape. It is perfect for professional uses and DIY projects as well. Anyone with or without any woodworking experience can use it without any ruckus. With an adequate standout and rich feature set, the Milwaukee magnetic tape measure is absolutely worth buying. 

Milwaukee hand tools and tape measure are definitely a great pick for both professional and DIY projects. Undoubtedly, the 25′ Milwaukee tape is an expensive tape with a premium price and a bit heavy on the pockets than most 25’ models but is it worth the extra price, read on to find out the tape measure specs and review. 

Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure Features

Before we dive into all the technicalities. Let us first discuss the physical features and the build quality of this product.


Ergonomic Design – 9/10

The Milwaukee tape measure has a reinforced frame and is bulkier than other tape brands with a reading tape width of 1 inch.

Sounds big, right? But the compact design with nylon grippy at the right placements makes it easy to work with even on one-handed operations. 

The magnetic tip and the locking hook mechanism at the end of the tape add extra ease of use while working on the go. Meaning you won’t have to drop everything just to take simple measurements. 

While the overall griping design is great, there is one thing that could indeed be improved – the belt clip. It can sometimes be too stiff to clip to your belt or shop apron. Other tape measures were comparatively easier to clip on. 

Blade Quality – 8.5/10

In most cases, the blade is the first thing that breaks down. We abrasively tested the durability of the Milwaukee tape blade coating using 150-grit sandpaper wrapped around a dowel. And the result actually shocked us a bit as it passed all the tests. 

Since Milwaukee uses a nylon blade, the coating took most of the damage, with some visible minor scratches, without any impact on the visibility of the number. Now, in our opinion that is DURABLE blade protection. 

The Milwaukee also has a quite slick and compelling retraction. The blade retracts more smoothly than most tape measure models without assistance or splitting in the housing even while drawn out. 

Visibility – 9/10

The readings on the blade are big and clear enough to read even from a distance. The blade printing is of standard black color on a yellow blade. 

This offers increased contrast which pops up the markings, making it highly suitable for any pro-level user on any job site. But there’s more. 

The Milwaukee tape measure comes with an architectural blueprint scale on the opposite side of the tape. 

Accuracy Metric – 10/10

We tested the accuracy of the Milwaukee tape measure using the calibration tool Elixer Master #LM002. It can gauge the accuracy of a tape within a +/- 0.0005” degree of precision. Up on testing, it is safe to say that this tape is spot-on and flawlessly accurate. 

Standout and Throw – 8/10

Standout and throw are the maximum distance a tape blade can be extended before it bends on its own weight. It is always better to have a longer standout to measure elevated or long entities. 

The standout of the Milwaukee tape comes around a not-too-shabby 8’9” (105”) which actually is the average standout of 5m for most tape measures. 

For throw, the tape reaches a height of 10’, which honestly makes up for that extra cost. 

FAQs – Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Are Milwaukee tape measures accurate?

Milwaukee tapes, as tried and tested using Lixer Master, prove that the Milwaukee magnetic tape is definitely dead-accurate to +/-0.0005”.

How long should a tape measure last?

In our opinion, the life of a tape measure depends on the frequency of usage. Most tapes used by professionals can last for decades. Moreover, if you use industrial-grade tape for DIY use, it may even last longer than the project you are working on.

What is the most accurate tape measure on the market? 

Class 1 
Any tape measure from different manufacturers falling under Class 1 will have the most accurate tapes. Nevertheless, most class 2 tape measures are also just as accurate. The only difference is, class 1 is the standard tape for sensitive industries and precision trading. 

What class are Milwaukee tape measures?

Milwaukee tool tape measures fall under Class 2 tape measures with architectural scale. They are good for professional as well as DIY use. 

Is it possible that a tape measure is wrong?

Over time with use, the numbers and markings on a tape may fade. This can make the tape not as accurate as it used to be. 

What is the black triangle on a tape measure?

The black triangles or diamond shape markings are called black truss marks. These truss marks appear every 9 3/16 inches of the tape. These black truss marks are often used in building chimneys or concrete blocks. 

Final Thoughts: Is The Milwaukee 25’ Magnetic Tape Measure Worth It?

All in all, the Milwaukee magnetic tape measure review was not a bad one at all. If we have to rate this product we will give it a solid 8 out of 10. 

Now, nothing in this world is perfect, but we have no solid complaints about the product. Overall, this tape gets the job done well, and with ease. 

This Milwaukee tape is a versatile tool and will be a perfect addition to your toolkit family. Thank you for reading, hope this information helps you make an informed decision.