Ryobi Tape Measure Review – Is This Tool Worth Buying?

What We Liked

  • Can be extended up to 25 feet 
  • Passes the tolerance test of 1/32 of an inch.
  • Comes with a floating hook for easier sliding.
  • There is an inbuilt lock system.
  • It is durable and affordable.
  • Appropriate for industrial requirements and heavy-duty purposes.
  • It is pocket-friendly. compact and lightweight item.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lock system might show signs of malfunctioning
  • The blade might show signs of breakage in the long run.
  • The metal tip of the blade might wear off.
  • Might not work well for projects requiring repeated tugs and pulls.

Get a detailed review of the Ryobi Tape Measure here. You can tape measure with an overmold and wireform belt clip tool to ensure accuracy.

As far as functionality is concerned, this tape can provide you with excellent durability and lasting results at a fairly affordable price. You might not find such features of a tape measure in this price range!
If you emphasize convenience, then this one is definitely the option to go for. Remember to use it with care, and it will last you for years!

How many times have you faced issues while measuring the walls of the house? Well, this is the usual scenario in most houses! Let us check out the ryobi tape measure review to know whether you have found out the right one or not!

Specifications Of Ryobi Tape Measure

SpecificationsFeature Explained
Hook styleTop and bottom tang with wings
Blade markings1/16″ with fraction markings
Blade durabilityDepends on usage
Blade protectionNylon coating
WarrantyExtended life if used with caution

Ryobi Tape Measure Features

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Considerable Length And Accuracy

The tape measure also features a measuring range of 25 ft and is perfect for measuring lengthy working services. Also, the tape is accurate and provides you with the best possible measurement guide. 

The numberings and the markings are quite accurate in the case of this particular heavy duty tape measure, and it ensures that you practice precision while taking the measurements of the surface and housing fits comfortably.

User Convenience, Affordability, And Economical Design

The tape measure is highly compact, and fits comfortably in your hand while also making it perfect whenever you need to go outside for your larger projects.

Depending on the online platforms that you are visiting, you can easily get it at a fairly affordable price. It usually ranges from 8.97 Dollars and can go up to $10 Dollars.

The manufacturers of this tape measure have designed this particular tool considering the utmost efficiency and comfort of the users under any environment or circumstances.

Longer Standout Length With Over-Moulding And Wire Belt Clip

It is another crucial factor that makes it one of the best tape measures available out there. When you unfold the tape measure you will get to see 7-inch stand-out length that is quite useful for measuring surfaces.

The entire tape measure comes with a high-quality rubber overmolding so that it helps keep your tape measure safe from any sort of accidental damage.

It comes with an inbuilt clip system that will make it easier for you to carry it around by a hook that automatically adjusts for inside and outside measurements and also in your pocket or belt.

Sliding Lock Technology, Functional With One Hand, And Superior Blade Quality

It comes with an inbuilt sliding lock technology to make sure that the tape can move back and forth with utmost smoothness.

It is designed in such a way that you can easily work with either of your hands. The smooth retractable system will let you be productive even when you’re working with one hand and dragging the blade to your desired length.

You need to put some additional form of pressure depending on the requirement to unlock the lock button if you are working with one hand.

The quality of the measuring trip blade is superior. It is quite sturdy as well so that it won’t get broken easily.

Fractional Marking And Better Readability

When it comes to measuring the working surface, it is highly important that you have a numbering guide that will help you to get the fractional results quickly.

You can find all the fractional numberings and markings clearly visible and imprinted on the measuring tape blade.

The measuring tape is yellow in color and the numbering is done in contrasting black color. This effect helps the numberings and markings stand out from a distance so that you can have better visibility.

Static Interval Reading

  • The fraction readings are imprinted on the blade of the tape and regular intervals of ⅛ inch. It helps the users to get accustomed to better marking readability. 
  • Also, the blade comes with standard 16 ft. stud markings that are highlighted in contrasting red color.
  • The measuring studs in red color are stamped on the center and the truss diamonds are marked at regular intervals of 19.2 ft. for measuring long-distance surfaces.

Ease Of Usage With Impact Resistance

It comes with the basic features that ensure easy usage on the part of the users. Even if you are not a professional and you need to measure the surface for household purposes, you can use it for accurate measurements, making it perfect for all.

Ryobi tape measure offers this feature. Also making it impact resistant and heavy duty won’t let it get damaged when it falls onto the floor from a distant height.

Ryobi Tape Measure Is Built With Top-Quality Materials

Reinforce Rubber Grip, Metal Tip, Nylon Coating

The tape measure is covered with reinforced rubber material that will provide you with a better grip and also protect the blades from getting damaged.

The front end of the tape is attached with a metal head so that you can easily hold it and drag it through the surface of the working material for taking measurements.

The measuring tape blade comes with a coating of nylon to ensure the lasting power of the blades.

Good Retractable Technology And Durable

As soon as you leave the front end after dragging it to the desired length, it will automatically go back to its original place because of the good retractable system.

The tape measure is designed in a way that will pass the test of durability. To ensure that you are getting the best one you can use 150-grit sandpaper. 

Start rubbing the blade for a few seconds or minutes with the sandpaper to find out if tiny abrasions get formed on the surface of the blade. If there is no such visible abrasion then you can be sure that it is highly durable.

FAQs – The Ryobi Tape Measure Review

Which brand is the best when it comes to measuring tapes?

There are multiple options available for tape measures in the market, but you have to choose one that will suit your individual needs. Each of the available state measures is good for specific purposes. You can go for options like Ryobi, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Skil, etc.

Final Verdict On Ryobi Tape Measure Review

Whenever I had to measure longer surface area, I enjoyed using Ryobi’s 25′ new tape measure. I have used the 16 feet long tape measure as well,  but this one is long enough to work in a better way to work with larger surfaces. 

The clearly distinctive fraction markings are extremely helpful for accuracy and precise mathematical calculations, I feel. It is a budget tape measure within reach that you’ll get at low price. 

Also, the rubber over-molding helped me to have a better grip and the nylon coating of the blade is still up to mark after 1 year of usage. I could easily carry it around with me whenever I had to go outside for my ongoing project. 

So, if you’re looking for a brand new tape measure, or discontinue using the old one and want a sturdy replacement, Ryobi introduces this with reinforced rubber over mold housing that fits comfortably.

The only issue that I faced was that sometimes, the blade was getting curled up when measuring very long surfaces. But, it is quite justified as well since the tape measure itself is 25 ft. long. 

Also, you might have to use it with a bit of caution, I feel, if you want it to last for a long time. The fragile auto-lock system might not work for long otherwise!