How To Remove 3M Adhesive From Walls Without Damaging The Paint?

Do you get frustrated each time you take a look at the 3m adhesive stuck with your wall? Here are the proven methods of how to remove 3m adhesive from walls.

So, you are done decorating your wall with 3M adhesive stickers, right? But, now you can’t remove it!

Find out the easy ways to remove 3m adhesive from walls without damaging the paint and get the sticky residue of the tape off.

Well, that’s not so easy. But, here are the best possible ways to take them off the wall with minimal effort. So, how to remove 3m tape adhesive from walls?

Among so many different methods that you can try to remove the adhesive residue off the wall, I recommend applying heat or using perfume to do the work. Both of them require less time and resources and they are effective each time I have tried.

There are some procedures that can help you to take the glue off the wall without damaging it, but they might be a bit time-consuming! I have tried them, and now, I am in the best position to recommend to you what worked best for me!

How Much Time Does It Take To Remove 3M Adhesive From Walls?

How much effort you have to put in for adhesive removal from the wall depends upon a lot of factors!

  • How long it has been that the adhesive is on the wall?
    • The longer it is there, the more difficult it will be to remove. As time passes, the adhesive components start to get attached to the wall surface more securely. That’s why it becomes difficult to remove.
  • The smoothness of your wall might decide the staying power of the sticky adhesive.
    • If the wall is rough-textured, then it might be a bit difficult to get that off your wall. A smoother surface cannot provide the adhesive with a better gripping layer.

These adhesives might seem to be permanent, but they are not. So, just make sure that you know how to remove adhesive, and that you are applying the right technique. That’s all!

Smart Methods To Remove 3M Adhesive From Walls

The Conventional Methods To Try Out

1. Applying Heat

The easiest and most convenient way to remove the 3M type of light adhesive off the wall is to apply heat in any form. You can use a hot gun or even use a heat gun or hair dryer when you need to remove it as well!

You can also remove the sticky residue when heat is applied to several different kinds of adhesives, including 3M. The heat will soften the adhesive components. After heating up, they are quite simple to remove with a putty knife or scraper.

If you have already made use of this process to use a hair dryer instead of a cleaner to take it off your car body, then you might know how effective the method is in removing the stain of adhesive from your wall!

2. Using Solvent Spray

Dissolving items might work in the case of weaker adhesives. So, don’t worry and get a cloth to wipe away the mark. The cheaper adhesives are not that strong and mostly come with a special type of solvent.

Now, if you spray a similar type of solvent like market-bought ones or DIY products on the adhesives, it will instantly dissolve the adhesive if you let it sit for a few minutes. It will come off the wall as it will make it easier to remove! Isn’t that super cool if you’ve ever had to remove the residue?

After that, you can use any sharp-edge tool to take the adhesive completely off the wall. Use a wet tissue or dip it in the same solvent and wipe the residue completely off. If you don’t want to directly spray the solvent on the wall, take tissue paper and spray on it instead. However, oily adhesives might not get off with the trick.

3. Scraping The Thing Off

One of the easy ways is to use a tool that has a sharp edge like a razor blade. Use it as a scraper to remove the adhesive. Make sure that you do it gently, otherwise, you might scrape the wall paint off. 

This technique will also work for non-toxic superglue. But, the stronger the adhesive is, the more effort you have to put in and it might end up being a daunting task.

Also, depending on the strength of the glue, you might need to switch to a sharper scraping tool. Now, use a sponge or cloth to wipe it away.

Vinyl scrapers typically have a thicker blade. These scrapers typically come in two different shapes: straight and curved. The curved scraper works better on curved or uneven surfaces, while the straight scraper works best on flat surfaces.

4. Using Vinyl Scraper

Vinyl scrapers typically have a thicker blade. These scrapers typically come in two different shapes: straight and curved. The curved scraper works better on curved or uneven surfaces, while the straight scraper works best on flat surfaces.

You might have seen a pointy knife on steroids. That’s what is known as the scarper. They are easily available in your local hardware shop and are highly efficient at removing thick adhesives. It might be time to go acquire a scraper like this if you are working with a mild adhesive.

5. Applying Epoxy Paste 

This process will work best if you have wallpaper attached at the exact position where you have fixed the adhesives.

All you need to do is to make a very sticky paste that can be applied to the wall by combining wallpaper paste with epoxy adhesive. You can also test it on an inconspicuous area and proceed with the method if you like the results.

Once the epoxy gets dried, you can easily peel it off the wall. The adhesive will come off with it. Heavy-duty epoxy adhesives are typically available online or at hardware stores. They often come in a two-part system and are pink or purple in hue. The majority of hardware stores also carry wallpaper paste.

NEVER try to use or apply any oil-based adhesive remover that you can find at the local stores. The wall will instantly soak the oil, and it will be tougher for you to remove the adhesive.
Rather, you can try out the Epoxy paste or soap-based adhesive remover!

Not-So-Common Home Remedies To Try Out

If you don’t have the above-mention products, then you might try these home remedies. Mostly oil-based or gel-based products can help you remove the adhesives. So, how to remove 3m adhesive from walls with these?

1. Using Baby Oil

Baby oil can work like a magic ingredient. Just sprinkle a few drops of it on the adhesive. Now, start scraping it off with a tool or your nails. Once the glue is completely off, you can use a wet paper towel to clean the residue.

2. Using Petroleum Jelly

Start by using a fork or a tool to scrape the adhesive off the wall. Now, apply the petroleum jelly on top of it. Start rubbing it off with a damp towel.

Once the adhesive is completely removed, it is time to prepare a warm soapy mixture by adding a few drops of dish wash liquid. Dampen a cloth piece into it and start cleaning off the residue.

3. Let Your Favorite Peanut Butter Do It For You!

Well, I am sure you never thought of it. But, the greasy components of the peanut butter can help you get rid of the adhesive.

Take a spoon full of peanut butter and smear it all over the adhesive. Let it remain like that for a few minutes. Now, with a damp cotton ball, clean it off!

4. Perfume

The rubbing alcohol present in the strongest perfume that is standing at the corner of your cosmetic storage table, can remove the adhesive.

Spray it on the adhesive. And now, take a piece of cloth and rub it off! It should come off within a few minutes.

5. The Multipurpose Hand Sanitizer

The reason because of which perfume might work, for the same reason hand sanitizer might work as well.

But, in this case, the adhesive should be less strong. Put a few drops of sanitizer on the adhesive and clean it off with a cotton ball.

The Full-Proof Yet Riskier Procedures

1. Make Use Of A Nylon Scrubber

The process might seem to be a bit difficult. First, a dull blade should be inserted between the foam and the wall. If you don’t have a dull blade available in your hands, then make use of your old credit cards or metro cards.

Start to raise off the foam little by little with its help. Get rid of as much of the foam layer as you can to expose the glue.

Now, it is time to rub the remaining adhesive with your fingernail. Some mounting tape adhesives can be gently rubbed off. But, stop rubbing the adhesive if it starts to get smeared.

Use an alcohol-based eyeglass cleaning solution to dip a rag. Now start rubbing it off with it. 

Be mindful when you do it as you don’t want to smear the alcohol beyond the adhesive layer. That can ruin the wall paint. Rub until all adhesive has been removed.

2. Using Market-Bought Commercial Adhesive Remover

There are different types of commercial adhesive removers available in the market these days. But, you have to be very selective when purchasing one because most of them can ruin the wall paint.

Be careful while you use them to remove the adhesives and make sure that you follow the instructions properly before you start working with them. Different products come with a specific set of instructions. 

Also, if you find at the end of the removal procedure that a big chunk of wall paint has also come off with the remover, paint one or two coats of wall paint to fix it.

FAQs – How To Remove 3M Adhesive From Walls?

What is the easiest way to remove 3M adhesive?

The steps are quite simple to follow. Try to use a spoon to scrape the debris. Now, put some amount of petroleum jelly in the pieces and rub. Add a few drops of dish soap to remove the petroleum jelly that has been spread. Use hot water to rinse. Verify the water’s safety for the fabric by checking the temperature. To remove it completely, repeat steps 2-4.

How do you remove dried adhesive from walls?

Start by mixing a small amount of hot water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Now, it is time to add a tablespoon of baking soda to your container. Make sure that you make a smooth paste. If you make use of the paste to the adhesive, the glue will gradually become softer. Then you can simply scrape or wipe it off.

Does 3M adhesive damage walls?

These adhesives are among the best, if not the best, and inexpensive options for everyday household use, and they typically won’t harm the wall’s paint. However, this depends on the kind of paint and how the adhesive is removed.

Remove 3M Adhesive From Walls With Ease!

different ways to remove 3m adhesive from walls without damaging the paint

If it is possible, try to use epoxy paste or vinyl scraper to do it for you as they are convenient and quick ways to remove adhesive from the wall without damage.

You won’t even need any additional tools to do the after-work. But, if you can’t have them in your hands, go for using perfume or hand sanitizer. It might take a lot of time, but you will be done.

However, the best method solely depends on the strength, curing time, and quantity of the adhesives. The stronger and more stubborn it is, the more effort you have to put in!

If you fail to manage to gather the items mentioned above, it is time to go for the commercial remover. But that comes with its own cons. Try out these methods from time to time and try to find out which one works the best for you! 

Depending on the requirement, one of those methods will surely work for you if you want to remove adhesive from the wall without damaging paint!

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