Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure Review

What We Like

  • Easy to read, one-handed use
  • Strong self-retraction
  • Includes a finger brake
  • Hook versatility
  • Long Standout

What We don’t Like

  • Poor blade durability in our test
  • The paint may start to peel and might affect the retracting mechanism


If you want that tape measure that works smooth as butter and is durable, ergonomic, and sturdy, yet works like a dream, then Crescent Lufkin Command Control is the right choice for you.

It provides you with the best-in-class durability of the control with smooth functioning, efficiency, and the tape measures include all the great features that you would expect from the best tape measure.

Are you looking for a tape measure that is sturdy, compact, and makes your work a thousand times easier? Then look no more because here we have the ultimate crescent Lufkin command control tape measure review!

Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure has a yellow-clad blade that measures up to 25′ and is highly effective and dependable. Because of the wide print on the tape blade, it increases grip and comfort while also improving visibility in dimly lit settings. 

Additionally, the command control series™ yellow clad has a finger brake, a 360-degree end hook, broad tape, a tether point, and a lock button.

A Measuring Tape That Makes All The Difference

Like every Crescent Lufkin tape measure, the Command Control Series blends a professional look and feel with the advances required by tradesmen.

Each svelte casing is easy to hold and has a touchpoint texture for better grip. The lock button rails and tether point make it the perfect tape measure for working at heights.

This blade stands out more than its broader rivals thanks to its bigger print and, optionally, Nite Eye color scheme for enhanced visibility at night.

Your toolbox is fully equipped to measure up to any task when you have a Crescent Lufkin tape measure in it.

Lufkin L1025CB-02 Tape Measure Features

Ccrescent Lufkin L1025CB-02 Tape Measure Features

This tape measure is used by professionals for all measurement tasks since it is built with best-in-class durability. This ergonomic and sturdy case also withstood a 50+1-story fall in a strength test.

  • When pulling back the tape, there is an anti-pinch function that uses your fingertips.
  • Added durability is provided by a protected lock button and a 6-point dual material casing.
  • Improved visibility and blade endurance thanks to a matte clear protective blade coating
  • Making one-person use simpler is the 360° end hook and 12-foot standout.
  • To securely operate at heights, there is also a tether hole.

Control Clad Tape Measure

The Crescent Lufkin Control Series is ideal for professionals looking for a tape measure that performs as hard as they do.

The 1-3/16″ wide tape with extra-large text offers 12′ of real standout to handle any work, and the matte coating both lowers glare and protects the blade, providing long-term durability.

The blade can be controlled by the user without running the risk of pinching thanks to the finger brake located beneath the tape’s feed, and it can also be secured in place using the broad lock button that is encased in over-mold rails.

Naturally, the Control Series’ best-in-class toughness doesn’t end with the lock button rails; in actual strength tests, the ergonomic casing survived more than 50 1-story falls.

The 360° grip end hook and integrated tether point are also outstanding features of the Control Series.

Professional Performance

The lightweight Control Series is created in a smaller profile to fit into a toolbox or pocket comfortably. Because of the protective matte blade coating, which also promotes durability while decreasing glare, the tape’s reduced size does not imply that it is weaker.

Crescent Lufkin creates tools for professionals, and the Control Series fits the performance and length that craftspeople want into a more compact and durable package.

Ergonomic DesignProfessionally developed for better usage and more comfortable handling, featuring contact point texture for improved grip.
Lock Button RailsFor improved sturdiness and extended product life, over-mold rails shield the lock button from drops.
Tether PointWhen working on high surfaces, an integrated slot for anchoring tape is provided.
360-Degree EndhookFor more effective measuring grasps the material from all sides.
Finger BrakeAllows the user to adjust blade retraction securely without pinching fingers.
1 – 3/16″ Blade12′ of standout is possible because of proprietary blade technology. The protective blade coating has a matte appearance for decreased glare and longer blade life.

Ergonomics – Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure

Ergonomics - Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure

In comparison to other tape measures we tested, the Crescent Lufkin 25-Ft. Command Control Tape Measure fits in the hand more comfortably.

While the profile is somewhat higher than that of other popular models, the thinner body and precisely contoured, gripping housing fit perfectly into the curves of your palm.

The belt clip further improves the tape’s one-handed use. The hook can be easily and subconsciously slid onto a variety of different material thicknesses.

The tape measure may be attached to your pocket or tool belt without using two hands, which increases efficiency.

Quality Testing Of The Blade 

Having a 360-degree hook, the Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure allows for attaching to a work component in any position. 

Not having the hook stay attached to the edge of the object being measured should not be a source of frustration.

1. Hook Style

With its 360-degree hook, the Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure may be attached to a work item in any position. 

You shouldn’t experience irritating situations when the hook keeps coming loose from the edge of the object being measured.

2. Blade Markings

For the engineer’s model, the Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure blade contains two measuring scales. 

The top edge displays measures on a scale of 10ths and 100ths of a foot, while the bottom edge has a regular feet and inches scale.

But keep in mind that the blade of the engineer versions lacks the typical diamond-shaped marks every 19.2 inches and every 16 inches that are typically found on blades. 

The identical tape measure is nevertheless available from Crescent with a conventional SAE measurement scale that does feature stud marks.

3. Blade High Durability

Despite having a nylon covering, the blade of the Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure fared badly in our durability testing. 

The paint on the Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure quickly deteriorated after rubbing the blade against a dowel coated in 150-grit sandpaper for a few seconds.

It is crucial to remember that this model will exhibit more evident indications of wear than other tape measures tested, even if normal use will not be as harsh as our testing.

4. Self-Retraction Mechanism

While the Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure’s blade longevity was low, and the self-retraction feature operated flawlessly – it was the best of the bunch.

Even after retracting the blade from a distance of a few feet, the tape measure seems as though it will fly out of your grasp.

Even while holding the tape measure at hip height, the blade retracts smoothly over surfaces with varying degrees of friction and over extended distances without help.

5. Sliding Lock

One-handed operations are possible with the sliding lock mechanism. With only one hand and your thumb, you can easily lock and unlock the blade, and it is easy to set thanks to the minimal travel.

The molded rails that protect the sliding lock are a sensible design detail that should offer some lifetime and durability. The Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure should not sustain any damage from being dropped.

A finger brake is another wonderful touch that was incorporated into the design of the tape measure’s enclosure. This not only makes it more ergonomic to operate with one hand when the sliding lock is not required, but it also helps to control the speed of the strong retraction mechanism.


Out of the box, the Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure was dead on accurate to within our measured tolerance of 1/32 of an inch. 

Because the floating hook is freely coupled to the blade, measurements should be constant, making this tape measure a suitable alternative for woodworking.

Value For Money

It’s amazing how a well-made tape measure with such considerable adaptability can be obtained for less than $20. 

The Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure provides one of the greatest values we’ve found on the market. 

At this price point, the majority of other widely used tape measures are less versatile and have lower build quality.

FAQs – Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure Review

1. Are Lufkin Tapes Good?

These are one of the toughest tapes we’ve tried, with a satisfyingly lengthy standout.

2. Where Are Crescent Lufkin Tape Measures Made?

It was conceived, engineered, and tested in the United States before being manufactured in China.

3. Are Lufkin Tape Measures Guaranteed For Life?

Yes, a limited lifetime guarantee covering manufacturing flaws is offered with Crescent Tools tape measures.

So, Is Crescent Lufkin Tape Measure The Right One For You?

The Crescent Lufkin Command Control Tape Measure excels in terms of value, construct, quality, and adaptability. 

Its compactness and self-retraction mechanism are noteworthy characteristics. We feel confident in suggesting it for home improvement and construction tasks.

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