Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review – Is It Worth Buying?

What We Liked

  • One-handed ergonomic design
  • Fractional Scale for Precision
  • Great auto-lock mechanism, which keeps the user’s blade in place for fast measurements.
  • Wear-resistant blade protection
  • Belt clip for attaching
  • Bottom hook for firm and accurate measurements

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks a magnetic tang
  • Auto-lock may not work until the tape is out up to 10 foot


With its strong magnetic grip and automatic lock feature, the Milwaukee auto-lock tape measure is perfect for anyone who wants a fast, accurate measurement with minimal fuss.

It’s not often that you come across a tape measure that’s both auto-locking and magnetic, but the Milwaukee Auto-Lock Tape Measure is one of those rare gems.

But does the convenience of this tape measure make up for its other shortcomings? Keep reading this Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review and find out.

Specifications Of Milwaukee Auto-Locking Tape

Upper CasePlastic and Rubber
Blade width1-inch
Length(available in 2 sizes)16 feet, 25 feet
Tape durabilityGood
Tape coveringNylon
Type markingsEasy fractional markings
Lock TypeAutomatic

Features – Milwaukee Auto-Lock Tape Measure

milwaukee tape measure compact design

Auto-lock Mechanism

As the name says, the tape has an efficient auto-lock system. This auto-lock feature of the tape is something that makes it stand out from others that I’ve tried.

This compact auto-lock tape measure is durable and has an ergonomic design. Unless you fold the tape, it will remain in its position and is quite helpful in recording measurements.

Unlike other tapes, this product does not require manual switching of a button to lock the tape, instead, it automatically locks itself after every use.

Safe Edges

One of the safety parameters of this tape is that it has slightly rounded edges. So when you retract the tape, it will not cause any cuts or bruises on your fingers. 

Available In Different Sizes

Not everyone has a project of similar demand, so there is no one size fits all solution. Hence, Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape is available in multiple lengths, and you can choose one as per your need.

Firm Exterior Frame

Milwaukee Auto-Lock Measuring Tape is lightweight and has an excellent one-handed ergonomic design.

The external frame of the tape consists of a 5-Point Reinforced Frame, which aids in avoiding any damage if the tool falls down.

Adding on, there is an exterior coating of strong plastic, which extends the tool’s life by resisting corrosion. 

There is a lightweight rubber coating to provide a proper grip while holding the tool.

Customer-Oriented Design

A tiny upper-release switch enables you to retract the measuring tape in two ways. the one, if you want to go one inch back, and the other, if you want to fully retract.

Also, if you want to hang the tape with another item in your toolbox, Milwaukee has included a hook for keychain attachment as well.

The tape has a bottom hook, and it is composed of thicker metal than the other kinds I tried. As a result, you shouldn’t have to worry about the edge bending and causing inaccurate measurements.

This bottom hook design adds up to the overall value of the tool and keeps the tape firmly in place by holding the edges of the work area.

Nice Fraction Markings

Standard imperial scale marks are being provided. The Milwaukee Auto-Lock Measuring Tape gives accurate readings for both interior and exterior measurements. The tape is 1 inch broad and coated with a nylon finish for greater durability.

This tape has easy-to-read inch marks and extra information such as 1F 1′′ at 13′′. This use of fractional measurement saves a step and is simple to read even in tiny print.

The blade of this hand tool has fractions on the bottom edge, which is a valuable feature. These additional bottom marks eliminate the need for guessing when taking measurements.

Milwaukee also added stud spacing milestone measures in red numbers for a simple view.

FAQs – Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review

get a measuring tape from milwaukee

1. Are auto lock tape measures good?

Yes, auto-lock tape measures enable you to hold the tape firmly in place without additional hands, making it much easier and quicker to measure accurately.

2. Does Milwaukee make good tape measures?

Yes, Milwaukee is one of the leading brands for producing quality tape measures with several features for easy and accurate measurements.

3. How do I fix my Milwaukee car lock tape measure?

If your Milwaukee auto lock measure tape is not working properly, make sure to check for blockages in the auto lock mechanism and also check that the slide button is securely fastened.

4. What is the most accurate tape measure on the market?

The most accurate tape measure would depend on how it’s used and what type of measurements are being taken, but generally speaking, most brands claim to have accuracy within 1/16 of an inch or better.

5. Are Milwaukee tapes lifetime warranty?

Yes, most Milwaukee tapes come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can be sure of their durability and quality for years to come.

6. Are Milwaukee tape measurements reliable?

The tape has very clear and fractional markings, which gives you fairly right measurements.

7. Is Milwaukee measuring tape strong?

Milwaukee provides a nylon coating over the tape, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of the tape. This tape is quite smooth while stretching and withdrawing.

Final Thoughts – Milwaukee Auto Lock Tape Measure Review

I feel this Auto-Lock tape from Milwaukee is one of the most reliable and resilient tape measures I’ve ever used.

With a one-handed ergonomic design and fractional measuring marks, the tape can be very helpful in taking accurate measurements.

The only inconvenience I faced was that my 25 feet long Milwaukee tape model didn’t lock itself until the tape was out for about 10 feet. However, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, given that it comes with a lot of other features packed.

So, if you need something durable and dependable to measure distances with precision and accuracy, then get your hands on this Milwaukee tape measure today!

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